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Increase Your Diamonds Sales Today!

Lucy Platforms developed a B2B E-Commerce platforms for the diamond industry to allow diamonds companies sell more diamonds through the digital.

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"We are in the 21st century - every diamond company must work properly in the digital media. Lucy is the best solution we have found. Highly recommended by us."
- Antwerp, Belgium. (5/5)

Create Your Online Platform

Start today with your new website!
Through our unique system, you can create a professional diamond E-Commerce plaform for your company, in 3 easy steps. The system adapts the platform to your company's inventory type.
We support all types of diamonds - from polished diamonds, boxes of small stones (parcels) and even rough diamonds. Create the most professional website in the simplest way possible.

Prepare to Be Connected

Once your platform is on the air, you will be completely connected to a wide world of digital options! Your stock becomes available 24/7 for everyone, from any device, from anyplace. You will be able to see every activity of them and connect them directly. You can choose to be connected only to the people you know (your known customers), and not expose the prices to everyone.
Everything is under your control!

Get New Customers

In today's era, at this moment, many of potential customers from all over the world are looking for the right diamond for them - the same diamond you sell! but they can't get to you easily.
By our technology, we make sure to connect you with potential buyers, according to your inventory and their needs.

Increase Your Sales Dramatically

By using an omni-channel strategy, clients are provided a wider range of tools to utilize in one entity for their purchase purposes. As a result, an inevitable dependency is created, leading to an increase in “returning” client activity and an optimized customer retention capability.

lucy platforms

Connect to 2,500 Jewelry Stores

We provide for retailers all over the world an open area 24/7 that includes up-to-date inventories of reliable suppliers. Retailers have full access to the commodity (with your Markup Price), unless you decide not to.

Buyers Will Find You Easily

Our platform is based on the Google search engine, with a very high score of Google - which greatly advances us. It means that from now on, potential buyers and visitors will be able to find your site through Google, at no additional charge, but organic promotion.

lucy platforms
lucy platforms lucy platforms

Diamond Commerce Platform

The platform serves as a digital commerce environment and a showroom of your company. Compatible with every device, it creates selling opportunities and enriches customer experience.

Quick 3 step purchase process

Diamond “work table” for purchase evaluation

Customized user experience based on behavior analysis

360° master diamond comparison

lucy platforms lucy platforms
lucy platforms lucy platforms

Management and Data Analytics System

Monitor and analyze crucial business information based on both online and offline commerce activity conducted in the company. Acting as an irreplaceable business partner, the system supplies data on dozens of cross-checked statistics and shows current user trends for you take advantage of.

Innovative data mining techniques

Complete control of company commerce activity

Smart stock management capabilities

User analysis for optimized sales cycles

Control All the Digital Channels from One Place

Our platform helps you optimize your digital workflow with advanced systems that advise you in real time which channels you should distribute, and at which prices to earn as much as possible! Finally, you can extract a report of all movements from all the channels and make adjustments automatically.

lucy platforms lucy platforms
lucy platforms

Highly Secure Platform

We have made sure you have the perfect environment for making digital sales and transactions. Our platform is highly secure with the most advanced security systems.

Online Sales to Worldwide Shipping

The platform is automatically connected to the leading shipping companies, and you only have to choose who you work with - so once a customer buys diamonds, the shipment is automatically launched to the customer's address.

lucy platforms

Take a look how it works

Putting Things Into Perspective







Start Selling Now!

Together, we look forward to improving your digital online sales.

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